Bhunamanasana (earth worship pose)

  1. From standing pose raise the left leg and place it to the left at the maximum distance possible.
  2. Turn the left toe to the left.
  3. Join the hands in namaskar position behind the back.
  4. Bend the left leg in the knee.
  5. Bend the back and head further and place the forehead on the floor near the left toe.

Repeat on the other side.

If you can?t place the head on the ground with the arms behind then the hands can be placed on the floor.

  1. Hamstring muscles are stretched.
  2. Lateral stretch to the spine.
  3. Appetite stimulated.
  4. Nervous system is stimulated.
  5. Helps remove constipation and digestive problems.
  6. Removes excess weight around the waist.
  7. Bhunamanasan (one knee bend, both hands on ground, inside of knee, head on ground).
Heart diseases, high BP, slipped disc, sciatica, sacral infection.