Fake Internet websites

Today’s technology tip is just a reminder that
not everything you see on the internet is real

Take a look a these websites:

1993 Report on the velcro crop failures in California: 
Perhaps the earlies known effects of global warming?

Buy Dehydrated Water Online
Franchise opportunities are still available!

Important site for Dihydrogen Monoxide Research:  
They even have an "Educator's Kit" for only $12 

Visit Exciting Fredericton
Founded by Amish fisherman in Atlantic Canada

Your Complete Geneology Solution - Buy an Ancenstor at this site:
Finally, a way to really pick your relatives!

The Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs
They're celebrating 200 years of Yeti-Sasquatch brotherhood

The Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
They also link to this information about the Australian Drop Bear

Dog Island
Apparently, you can go there for free!

And finally, officially sanctioned research into a nagging historical question:  http://www.ovaprima.org/index.htm

Hopefully you noticed that every one of these websites, EVERY ONE OF THEM, is completely bogus, especially that last one.  They may look real, and they may seem to have some compelling information, but they are all completely fake.  Here’s a list of even more bogus sites from the the Township High School District 214 in Arlington Heights, Illinois:

As you might imagine, students might not be as critical of information found on the internet as adults might be.  Some advice:  check your sources, confirm everything and look for more than one source before believing anything on the internet.

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PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out some of the sites above when you get a chance.  How can you tell that they're definitely bogus?  Read "Who Do You Believe?"

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  Looking for more bogus internet sites?  Try searching for:
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