Making Slideshows Photo Story 3

Here's a free download from Microsoft that can help you make some real professional looking slideshows on your computer.  Do you have a lot of digital photos on your computer?  Would you like to turn them into a nice slideshow with movements, transitions and background music?  You could do it all in PowerPoint but this free software from Microsoft is much easier to use.
To get this free software check out Photo Story 3 here: 

Please note that this software runs best on computers that have Windows XP as the operating system.   For more specific system requirements go here.
If you'd like to learn more about using Photo Story 3 in the classroom try this great resource list from the Baltimore City Public Schools:

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Create Video with free Photo Story software


If you are using a computer with a newer operating system like Windows Vista or Windows 7 you might want to consider using Windows Live Movie Maker instead of PhotoStory. Both programs are also free and available online. Check here for more information aboutusing Windows Live Movie maker in the classroom.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out the website or video above and see what PhotoStory can be used for.

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