How to add pictures to contacts on android phone

If you are one of those who have few hundred people added in their contact lists on their phone, then this is quite helpful, adding a photo of the person whose contact number is saved in your phone easily lets you recognize that person, because it is less likely to remember the names of few hundred people, isn’t it?
Well, personally, I have added pictures to contacts, and I think it’s a nice feature to have. But asking to click a photo every time you add a contact on your phone doesn’t look decent, here is how you can add contact photos.

Add and Sync Google and Facebook accounts

grey How to add pictures to contacts on android phone
There are people in your Google list, get their photos and add to contact, if most of your friends are on Facebook, you can get their photos from there, when you install Facebook app, it lets you sync the contacts numbers of your friend list, search for names and join your contact with the Facebook one.

Add photos from WhatsApp

Whats app is another option to add photos, with over 250 million users chances are high that the person you have added, is using WhatsApp has they have put their photo as a Display picture, find the name and join the contacts of WhatsApp and your contact list.

Use NumberSnap App for add photos to new contacts

grey How to add pictures to contacts on android phone
NumberSnap is an app that takes a photo from the front camera when someone is putting their contact number in the list, while the picture might not be like the ones in Facebook and WhatsApp DPs (Display Pictures) it will surely help you recognize that person, but you will really have to make a habit of asking the person to fill their contact number to your phone so that you don’t end to putting your photo on several new contact numbers.