Veera Bhadrasana Type 2

  1. From standing position take a big step forward with the left leg and turn the back foot to a comfortable angle.
  2. Raise the arms from the side with the palms facing down and bending the left leg. Try to bring the leg to a 90 degree angle if comfortable. Keep the pelvis facing the side and tilt the pelvis inward. Gaze to the left hand fingertips.
  3. To release straighten the leg, lowering the arms and bring the legs together.
  1. Leg muscles become shapely and stronger.
  2. Removes cramp in the calf and thigh muscles.
  3. Abdominal organs toned up.
  4. Elasticity to leg and back muscles.
  5. Strengthens the pelvis.
  6. Improves concentration.
Delicate and weak knees, heart trouble.