Stop Getting Emails from Google Plus

Google Plus is Google’s Facebook (A Social Network) that Google is forcing you and me to use them. It is no doubt a very nice and fast Social networking site that also supports .Gif image to double the fun.
But What’s the use of it when none of my friends use it?
No one from my friends circle uses it and the reason they have an account on Google plus is because they were forced to create one at a point time using other services from Google where it’s a forcing users to sign up. Services like YouTube (with Comments and asking to link Google plus),
It is so annoying to see Google injecting Google Plus into everything from YouTube to Google Search to now Gmail.
Google recently made this annoying feature available where anyone from Google Plus, can send you an email that will land into your Gmail inbox, even when they don’t have your email address. They just need to add you in circles, which you have no control over.
Here is how you can stop any Google Plus user from emailing you.
grey Stop Getting Emails from Google Plus Users
Go to Settings in Gmail and find Email via Google+ under the General tab. and select ‘No One” from the dropdown and save changes.
This simple step will help you keep some more mess away from your Gmail.