Some Online Games and Stress Relief websites

We've almost reached the halfway point.  After the next tip you will have completed 7 1/2 hours of free technology training.  Its about time we started showing you some of the fun stuff.  After all, as it says in this site's mission statement:

It is the mission of to help empower educators and other professionals to integrate computer technology into their personal lives so that they might more effectively integrate computer technology into their professional duties.
So here's some websites you might want to integrate into your personal life: - Fun stuff, games, jokes, lots of real simple stuff here that won't tax your brain too much - Looking for some of that old fashioned arcade fun from your youth.  Check out this site, it won't even cost you a quarter to play games like the one below. But don't forget to turn the sound down first!
 - How about relaxing with a nice puzzle and a cup of tea?  Try this site for some rather challenging puzzles to work on. - Prefer something more cerebral?  Try this site for some brain teasers. - Plenty of online sudoku puzzles for you to try out at this site.  Practice whenever you want. - Or maybe you'd like to relax and watch some good old fashioned stupid videos. - A great place for some nostalgia, this website allows you to download hundreds of old video games from 1980 to 2001 for free. However,downloading and playing these old games does require some advanced computer skills, so beware.

You'll find that there are hundreds and thousands of websites like these.  They're not about changing the world and the website creators aren't looking to advance human knowledge, but the next time you need a little sanity break, you just might be able to find it online. 

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try out one of these websites sometime today.  Go ahead and relax a bit.  Keep in mind that you can't do this stuff all day though!

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  Looking for some more recreational sites online?  Try searching for:

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