Online citations

Some would say that life is just better with technology.  You can be the judge for yourself.  But if you are an adult professional who still takes the occasional graduate class and you occasionally have to write a paper or two then this tip is for you.  Today's technology tip can help you the next time you have to write one of those annoying bibliographies or works citedpages.

Do you remember flipping through those pages of the APA and MLA format guideline books?  Struggling to figure out whether or not you put a period at the end of the title of a newspaper article.  You'll probably be thrilled to find out that there are several websites out there that will format your citations for you.  Check these sites out: 

And if you'd like to buy a professional program that does this try checking out:

If you teach students how to create bibliographies and you've never seen these sites before you might be hyperventilating by now.  "How will they ever learn how to properly make a bibliography if they have sites like this?"  Chances are pretty good that many of your students already know about these sites.  It's up to their teachers to be aware of these sites and be prepared to honestly talk to them about them.  

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try using one of the above links to create a couple of citations.
TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  Looking for some more information about online resources for making citations?  Try searching the internet for:

Online citations
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