Online mapping and Sattellite News

The availability of satellite and aerial photos online has made it possible for the students of today to get an unprecedented view of their world with the assistance of the internet.  You may have heard of sites like MapQuest.comand you might have even used them to find driving directions.  Here's a list of other websites you might want to check out:

Google Maps & Yahoo Maps - Both of these sites were mentioned in a previous technology tip (#30) but they are great examples of what online mapping systems look like.

Google Earth - This dynamic mapping system requires you to download some free software.  Google Earth was also mentioned in a previous technology tip (#31).

Microsoft Virtual Earth
 - Not to be outdone, Microsoft has produced what it calls the Virtual Earth.  This site requires you to download some software to experience all of its features. - If you are having trouble accessing or downloading any of the above resources try this link to a dynamic collection of satellite photos of the earth.

NASA Terra - If you'd just like to view some really neat satellite images try this site out.  It provides you with links to all kinds of historic and amazing images of the earth that are free for non-private use (terms of use here).
Still haven't had enough?  As this technology continues to proliferate you will find more and more online maps becoming available.  For example, here's a SCUBA DIVING AND SPEAR FISHING MAP OF AUSTRALIA that's power by Google Maps.  There's definitely more to come from this technology.
Google Satellite View of the Grand Canyon embedded in a website:

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PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out two or three of the links above sometime today and compare them.  Try selecting one that you'd like to go back to later.
TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about online mapping services try searching the internet for:

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