How to lock the Computer

If you work in a network environment you probably have to log onto your computer each morning using a password and remember to log off each evening before you go.  And for network security reasons you're probably reminded to never leave your computer while it's logged on.  This is especially important in a school setting where a malevolent student could potentially make a real mess of the school network if they had access to a teacher computer.

To lock your computer press the Windows button (bottom left of your keyboard) and the letter "L" at the same time. 
Today's tip will help you with a quick way to log on and off your computer when you have to step away from it for a few minutes.  It will save you time as you won't have to log off and then back on again.  Instead you can just "Lock" your computer while you're away from it temporarily.  Please note that this will not work in all network environments or all operating systems.  But you can still give it a try:
Lock your computer
If it works your screen will go blank except for a message that says:
"This computer is in use and has been locked by (Your Username).  To unlock this computer press CTRL+ALT+DEL and type in your password"

This can be a great, easy to use way to lock your computer.  It doesn't work on all computers though.  If it doesn't work on your computer you'd have to contact your network administrator to ask them about it. Some network administrators decide to disable this feature. 

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try locking and unlocking your computer right now to see if it works.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To learn more about locking your computer try searching the internet for:
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