Planets Online

If you're a science teacher you want to check out this link sometime today.  InTechnology Tip Number 31 we showed you Google Earth which is a free download from the internet.  Today's free download is called Celestia and it will give you access to an interactive version of our solar system and nearest planets. 
CelestiaTo the right is a link to a 30 second video showing you what this program looks like.  You may need Microsoft Media Player to view the video. Please note that the images in the actual program have much better quality that the video. 

Celestia is a free download and to find out more about it follow this link to their website:

Here's a guided activity from NASA that uses Celestia:
If you are working in a network environment you may need to contact your network administrator to to download and install the program. 

Featured YouTube Video:
How to use Celestia - Tutorial for Teachers

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out Celestia's website sometime today.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To find out more about Celestia try searching the internet for:
Celestia Motherload
The Planets Online