How Computer memory is memorized

When you work with computers you see KB (or KiloBytes) and MB (or MegaBytes) all the time but what does it stand for? Basically it’s a measurement of memory on a computer. To help you understand exactly what in means there is an example below.

So What’s a Byte anyway?

Here are some examples of what some other numbers and letters look like to the computer:When you get right down to it computers only know two things off and on.  That’s it just OFF and ON. And a computer expresses OFF as a “0” and ON as a “1”. Everything you see on the screen right now is just a specifically ordered combination of 1’s and 0’s to the computer that tell it exactly how to display this webpage. Now here’s the confusing part. Each individual 1 or 0 is called a BITand 8 BITS together is called aBYTE. When you type a 0 the computer actually recognizes that zero as the series of 8 BITS or “00000000”
0 = 00000000a = 01100001L = 01001100
1 = 00000001v = 01110110p = 01110000
2 = 00000010$ = 00100100z = 01111010
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So, in really super simplified terms, when I type the letter “L” the computer translates that to be the BYTE “01001100."  If I typed the letter “L” 50 times that would be 50 BYTES of information. If I typed the letter “L” 1000 times that would be 1000 BYTES or 1 KiloByte or 1KB.  Actually Bytes are measured in powers of 2 so 1KB isn't exactly 1000 bytes, but it is close enough.  Below is a chart of common abbreviations and their actual values in bytes:
NameAbbreviationActual Size in Bytes

To learn more about these bytes and their abbreviations try this site:
And here's some even more specific information about how bytes and mega bytes are measured:

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PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  The next time you look in one of your folders on the computer take note of the size of the files.

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