Free online TV Shows

Here's a new form of entertainment that you probably wouldn't have thought of.  You're probably used to watching sitcoms on TV.  Are you ready to watch sitcoms on the internet.  There are actually quite a few websites offering this service.  Here's a few for you to check out:

List of the Top 25 Sites to Watch TV

Educators at all levels could probably imagine using this same technology to create online lessons/lectures and activities that students could log onto and view at any time.  Imagine the possibilities.  The technology to do this is available right now as evidenced by these websites. does not endorse any of these websites but this is an interesting example of how the internet can be used.  Most of these websites require you to sign-up with them and download a special video player but some don't.  The episodes that you download can be watched whenever you want and in whatever order you want.  And thanks to online services like these you can finally view every episode of MacGuiver or Hawaii Five-Owhenever you want.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out an episode of  a favorite old TV show when you get a chance today.  Take note of the ease of navigation and quality of the video.

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