Digital recording technology

Are you aware of how much more compact recording technology hasbecome?  Do you have any idea how easy it is to record a teacher in their classroom?  It could be done by a student using a technology as simple as an iPod or a cell phone.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem but consider what's possible. 
You could be this teacher who was recently filmed in class:
Just a reminder that it doesn't take devices like these to make a recording of everything you say and do in the classroom:
old reel to reel tape recorder   old color TV camera 

ABC News Article about a recent classroom incident that was
"Caught on tape"

And of course you can go to at least one website to see: YouTube's 7 Scariest Teachers.
But this isn't just teachers behaving badly, more and more the humiliating video was planned in advance with students intentionally taunting their teacher until they over-reacting on camera. It is just one more thing to worry about in the classroom.
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PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try to find one person that you routinely see each day who has a cell phone, mp3 player or other technology that could be used to make a voice, video or photographic record at any time during the day.

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