Vatayanasana (horse face pose)

  1. From standing pose bend the left knee and place the left foot on the right thigh (at the root of the right thigh).
  2. Hold the left ankle until the body is steady.
  3. Slowly bend the right knee, lower the body and rest the top of the left knee on the floor just near the right foot.
  4. Slowly raise the body, straighten the back and balance the body, do not lean forward.
  5. Bend the elbows, raise the elft elbow to the level of the chest and encircle the left hand with the right hand and join the palms.
Repeat on the other side.   

  1. Hip joints receive proper blood circulation.
  2. Minor deformity in the hips and thighs are corrected.
  3. Good for stiffness in the sacro-iliac region.
  4. Strengthens the leg muscles and knee joints.
  5. Reduces hyper activity of the kidneys.
  6. Seminal fluid can be retained.   
Delicate knee joints.