Urdhwa Mukha Shwanasan

Asana name: Upward Facing Dog Pose

Sanskrit name: Urdhva Mukha Shwanasan

Meaning: Upward Facing Dog

General Benefits:
Useful for stiff back, rejuvenates the spine. Useful for sciatica, lumbago, back ache, slipped disc. Chest is expanded, lungs get elasticity. Heart gets ample space to function well. Pelvic region is strengthened.

Benefits for Women:
Back ache. Gynaecological disorders. Anorexia. Flatulence. Constipation.

Therapeutic Applications:
In prone position, spread your legs about hip-width apart. Place the palms beside the diaphragm and place the forehead on the ground. Exhale while inhaling raise the head and shoulders upwards until the arms are straight. Stretch the neck backwards. Pressing the waist downwards try to raise the knees above the ground not more than 3 to 4 cms. Keep the buttocks contracted and toes stretched.

Taking the Position:
In prone position, bend the left leg and hold the ankle with the right hand. Stretch the left arm above the head. Exhale while inhaling raise the left thigh, left arm, head, shoulders and chest off the ground. Breathe normally.

Releasing the Positions:
Inhale and while exhaling slowly lower the knees, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders and finally the forehead to the ground. Join the legs back together, place the chin on the ground and return the arms back to the prone position.

Anatomical Focus:
Entire spine, lower back.

Anatomical Awareness:
Focus on lower back, chest



Precautions & Contraindications:
As per Cobra Pose, avoid if there is pain in the knees, intestinal ulcer, hernia, surgery.

Variations & Tips:

Follow-up Poses: