Tiryak Dhanurasana

Asana name: Diagonal Bow Pose

Sanskrit name: Tiryak Dhanurasan

Meaning: Diagonal Bow Pose

General Benefits:
As per Dhanurasana

Benefits for Women:

Therapeutic Applications:
Back pain, Neck pain, Asthma.

Taking the Position:
In prone position, bend the left leg and hold the ankle with the right hand. Stretch the left arm above the head. Exhale while inhaling raise the left thigh, left arm, head, shoulders and chest off the ground. Breathe normally.

Releasing the Positions:
Inhale and while exhaling lower the left knee, shoulders and chin slowly to the ground. Release the ankle and bring the hands beside the body. Straighten the bent leg to the ground returning to prone position. Now practise on the opposite side.

Anatomical Focus:
Entire spine, buttocks, shoulders.

Anatomical Awareness:
Focus on chest, abdomen and lower back



Precautions & Contraindications:
As per Dhanurasana but the stretch in the knees is more so be careful if the knees are weak.

Variations & Tips:

Follow-up Poses: