Why Google Chrome is a better browser than others

grey Why Google Chrome is a better browser than others
Like everyone else I started using Internet Explorer when I was introduced to Computers. But I switched to Opera because I loved it feature of Tabbed Browsing in 2005. Then I started using Firefox in 2007 till 2010 when I switched to Google Chrome. I am mentioning few reasons why Google Chrome is the best browser of all. Even though I keep all these Browsers installed in my Computer, I use Google chrome as my default browser. Before using Google chrome, I loved Firefox because of the availability of number of extensions that give you more power of the web and that was the only thing that keep me from switching to Google Chrome even after 2 years of its launch. I am sharing my experiences which lead me to say that Google chrome is a better browser than any other browser. Firefox is 2nd best browser of all the other browsers, So, I’ll be comparing both of them below.

Availability of Extensions

Now, the developers have also created extensions for Google chrome and in most cases. They work better than Firefox.

Installing New Extensions

Google chrome lets you use the extension right after you click on the install button, unlike Firefox, which requires a restart every time you install an extension.

More Web space Less Buttons

Google chrome has a minimalist design and a clean UI with less buttons, gives more space for a webpage. Other browsers, on the other hand offers a variety of theme options but none of it gives more space than Google Chrome.

Browser Speed and Response

While opening webpages depends on the speed of your internet connection, there are few other factors which make your browsing experience slow. Google Chrome responds faster than Firefox.

Killing Particular Tabs

At times when you are browsing heavily with 30 to 40 tabs open in your browser, one the tab of your browser stops responding. Google chrome lets you kill that particular tab so that you can continue working on other tabs. I have encountered several times that Firefox need a restart to make things work again.

It’s from Google

If you use Google Search a lot to search content, you will love Google Chrome browser because it’s as simple as Google search. There is only one address bar where you can type the website url or any keyword. It also shows you keyword prediction when you type something in the address bar, which makes it easy to search something less time.