How to Backup iPhone Photos

The Camera of a smartphone is the reason many people buy them, it is so much convenient to capture the moments using your iPhone as it is always with you.

But as all the photos are in your phone, you might want to secure them in case you lose your iPhone or something else happens to it.

Well, that’s where Backing up photos to other service will help you secure your photos.
Here is how you can back up your iPhone photos.

Sync your Photos to iPhoto.

grey 5 Ways to Backup iPhone Photos
If you own a Mac, you can sync your iPhone photos to iPhoto. This saves your photos to your Computer.

Upload your Photos to Dropbox

grey 5 Ways to Backup iPhone Photos
Dropbox is a great third party service that lets your save any file to your cloud account that can be accessed from anywhere, you can save your iPhone photos to Dropbox using this IFTTT recipe.

Upload your photos to Skydrive

grey 5 Ways to Backup iPhone PhotosJust like Dropbox, Skydrive is a cool cloud storage app from Microsoft. You can choose photos and videos to upload to Skydrive, which can be accessed from anywhere.

Auto Upload iPhone Photos to Google+

grey 5 Ways to Backup iPhone Photos
Google+ is another great option to back up your iPhone photos automatically. Google+ is a social networking website but you can also upload your photos privately which can be shared with anyone you want.

Auto Upload iPhone Photos to Flickr

grey 5 Ways to Backup iPhone Photos
If you have upgraded your iPhone to iOS 7, you can now upload all your iPhone photos automatically to Flickr. This is the best option to backup iPhone photos as Flickr now offers 1TB of free space for storing photos.