How to Backup SMS, MMS and Call Logs to Gmail

Your emails and other data from third party apps is usually stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing them, there is even a way to backup Contacts in Gmail, but data like SMS, MMS and Call Logs are stored locally on your Mobile.
In this post, we will be talking about ways to backup SMS, MMS and Call Logs from your phone with the help of third party apps.

Backup Messages & Call to Email

grey How to Backup SMS, MMS and Call Logs to Gmail
This application lets you do a complete backup up of your SMS, MMS and Call Logs to Gmail and restore them to your phone from Gmail. Here are the features offered.
1) Backup/restore your SMS to/from Gmail;
2) Backup/restore your call log to/from Gmail;
3) Backup/restore your MMS to/from Gmail;
4) Support to login Gmail with XOAuth, you needn’t to provide your Gmail password;
5) Support to hide application icon;
6) More features will be added in the feature.

This application comes in handy when you are going to change your mobile phone. This makes the data moving from one phone to another easy (or) in-case you have lost your mobile phone, you can have a backup of your SMS, and Call Logs of important calls.