Different Name but Same Product, SkyDrive is Now OneDrive

grey Different Name but Same Product, SkyDrive is Now OneDrive
Are you a SkyDrive users?
If yes, you will soon be using OneDrive for synching all your important data (docs, photos, videos, music).
Now, don’t worry, OneDrive is not another cloud syncing tool from Microsoft, The SkyDrive is getting rebranded as OneDrive.
Well, Microsoft has never been good with names, they Name their products in a hurry then someone from the other part of the world claims the name and Microsoft has to setp back and rename their products.
Just like the Metro UI, which changed into Modern UI. SkyDrive will be OneDrive.
Microsoft chose to rename they service as OneDrive is obvious because it let’s you sync your important data from different devices at one place, hence OneDrive.
Existing user will not face any issue with the change, the only difference will be the website to access the data from a browser. Rest all the apps for different devices will work the same way or maybe an update will bring the changes in logo and branding.
More information can be found at onedrive.com