Customizing Windows 8 for the Better

Here are so many interesting features that have been added to Windows 8 and we have covered them pretty well on the blog. But, on the other hand, there are few features of windows 7 which have been removed in Windows 8. We are commenting a list of tools that can be used to get those feature back and add few more functionality to your Computer.

Getting the Start Button

Windows 8 has a Metro UI Home screen and a Desktop mode which looks pretty much like Windows 7 but without the start button on the extreme left hand side at the bottom.

Gadgets on Desktop

grey Customizing Windows 8 for the Better
This is one feature many of us loved in Windows 7. A clock on the Desktop wallpaper, with a news ticker, weather report, currency converter and much more. It just add so much of productivity to our work. Unfortunately it’s gone in Windows 8. But thanks to tools like Rainmaker we can get them back on the desktop. Get Rainmeter and get the gadgets back to your desktop.

Aero Glass

The transparent ribbons and taskbar is also gone in Windows 8. Not many people loved it going from Windows 8 after using it and getting used to it in Windows 7. There is a way to get it back with Aero Lite Tweaker.

Default Media Player

Windows Media Player, which is the default media player in Windows 8 doesn’t really plays all the file formats. You might want to use VLC Player and make it your default video player for playing various video formats including DVDs.

Anti Virus

Windows 8 doesn't let you install Microsoft Security essentials because it is now build in Anti Virus for Windows 8. But if you weren't using Microsoft Security Essentials, you can still get any other third part Anti Virus for your Windows 8.

Default Browser

If you don’t want to use the Internet Explorer in Metro UI, you can make Google Chrome your default browser even in Metro UI as it now supports the new UI in Windows 8.