Gmail Backup

Gmail is one of the best Web based email service out there. You can access your emails from anywhere in the world. Though you need an internet connection. Earlier we wrote about how to access Gmail offline, where is still a possibility that you did not like that option and are looking for something which can let you back up your entire Gmail account to a hard drive.

That is possible as well.

grey How to Backup Gmail to Hard Drive
Gmail backup is a small utility that will let you download all your Gmail emails to a local hard drive. You just need to download, launch and fill up the form, it’s going to take a while you there are GBs of data in your Gmail, so take a break till everything gets downloaded.
Gmail backup saved each email as a separate .eml file, which can be read in Microsoft Based email clients.
But, keep in mind that the emails are not organized the way they are in Gmail, i.e. Labels and Email conversation will not be there as every email is saved as a separate email. So, Gmail Back is really for baking up your Email for emergency purpose. For a Better Organized layout you can check out how to access Gmail Offline.