Find Out Who is Stealing Your WiFi with Who is on My WiFi

As the number of internet devices are increasing in our lives, WiFi is easy and convenient to keep them connected to the internet, But the signals flow in the air which means your Wi-Fi gets detected by people outside your home.
To keep it secure by enabling the highest security is something you should strongly do, but there is still a chance of any nerd cracking it and use your Internet for free.
Who is on My WiFi is a tool that helps to track the devices that are connected to your network, so that you know when someone else it connected to it and using it.
grey Find Out Who is Stealing Your WiFi with Who is on My WiFiThis small program is free to download and also has an online edition which is $7.95/month which unlocks few features like Reports, Email Notifications, Blocking the Intruders etc.
The Free edition, does not do above the following things, but it does notify you locally (where the program is installed) and lets you see who else is connected to your WiFi, which I think is sufficient for most of the people.
And to make the Intruders stop from using the WiFi networks, you can simply change the WiFi password and mark the computer of that intruder with a name so that you can a track of it, Other than a Windows based program it is also available as an Android and iOS app.