Versions of MS Office

In a previous technology tip (Number 49 - What's so Suite about Office) we explained what programs made up the Microsoft Office Suite and some common uses for each one.  In today's tip we'd like to remind you that software gets upgraded routinely.  Here are some of the different versions of the Microsoft Office Suite you might have heard of:

Version of Office
1992Office 3.0
1994Office 4.0
1995Office 95
1997Office 97
1999Office 2000
2001Office XP
2003Office 2003
2007Office 2007
2010Office 2010
2013Office 2013
The most recent upgrade is the 2013 version.  Here's a link to more information about it:Microsoft Office 2013, What's new?

Each newer version of the Office programs should be able to open files from the previous versions.  But you might have trouble opening newer files in the older versions of the programs.  That's why its important to at least know which version of the software you are working in.  Sometimes you can tell by just looking at the desktop icons.  For example:

Office 2003Word 2003PowerPoint 2003Excel 2003
Office 2007Word 2007PowerPoint 2007Excel 2007
Office 2010Word 2010PowerPoint 2010eXCEL 2010
Office 2013Word 2013 iconPowerPoint 2013 iconExcel 2013 icon

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check which version of Microsoft Office you are using sometime today.  Usually the name will appear when you start up the program or it may be listed on the icon.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To learn more about different versions of the Microsoft Office Suite try searching the internet for:

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