Learn Italian with the BBC

There is talk of "online learning" being the wave of the future.  Teachers are naturally curious about what exactly this might look like.  Well below is a link to a free service from the British Broadcasting Corporation that can help you learn Italian online.  Check it out.

Learn Italian with the BBC:
This site offers a variety of activities including cultural information, "cool Italian" to teach you trendy slang, online quizzes, downloadable MP3 files and evenvideo resources.  And it's all free!
For language teachers out these who don't teach Italian, the BBC also offers similar resources for:  French, German, Spanish, Greek, Mandarin Chinese, Portugese, and several other languages. 
Check it out for yourself:

bbc Languages

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  At least try learning a couple of simple words in Italian today.  It's fun!  Here's a link to some common phrases:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian/quickfix/

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  There are other websites on the internet that can help you learn another language.  Try searching for them by using these key phrases:

Language tutor
Online language course
Free language course
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