Websites for making puzzles

The internet is full of resources for teachers.  Here are just a few sites that can help with making worksheets and activities for students:

Make a Puzzle Sites:

Makes a crossword puzzle that can be easily printed

Here's a simple word find generator with a key

Really easy to make free math worksheets for all grade levels

Lots of free coloring worksheets in all kinds of categories

Puzzle Yourself Sites:
   CROSSWORD PUZZLES:   If you'd like to just do a crossword puzzle yourself try this site

   LOGIC PUZZLES:     This site is full of online logic challenges

   SUDOKU:     Do you like doing sudoku puzzles?

   Turn any picture into a jigsaw puzzle

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try some of these sites sometime today.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  There are lots of websites out there for free worksheets and online puzzles.  To find some more try searching the internet for:
Free puzzle generators
Create worksheets for free