Setting Homepage in your web browser

Your home page is the first web page that you see whenever you open the internet.  Did you know that you can change it?  Here's how:
These directions are for Microsoft Internet Explorer and might not work for other browsers.  Also, if you are in a network environment you might not be able to change your home page.
  1. Open up the internet.
  2. Go to a webpage that you'd like to set as your new homepage.  Copy the address of that webpage by right clicking on the address and selecting copy from the menu that appears.
  3. Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options"
    Tools - Internet Options Menu
  4. In the "Internet Options" window look for "Home Page."  Highlight and delete the address of the current home page and then right click on that area and paste in the new web page you'd like to have as your home page.
  5. Close the "Internet Options" window by selecting "OK" at the bottom.
Of course, as you learned in Tech Tip #84, there are several web browsers out there. Here are some additional directions for changing your homepage in Firefox and Chrome:

Here is a video about setting your homepage in Firefox:

Here is a video about setting your homepage in Chome:

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  If you haven't done it already, try changing your home page.

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