Online Puzzle generators

Here are some great websites that will help you make some puzzles online, for free.  That's right, there are web pages out there that will automatically make word searches, crossword puzzles and other worksheets using information that you provide.  Check a few of them out:

Discovery School Puzzle Maker
Great for all kinds of puzzles:  Fallen Phrases, Word Searches, Cryptograms, Letter Tiles, Hidden Messages, Mazes and many more.  All are free and easy to make and they can be printed out.

Armoured Penguin Make a Word Search
This site is a little harder to use but it has a collection of "Collected Puzzles" that were made by other teachers that you can select from.

Work Sheet Library
They advertise 500 free worksheets and offer thousands more for all grade levels.

Teach-nology Worksheets 
Over 6,000 free printable worksheets at this website.  Any K-12 teacher should be able to find something here.  Some country specific worksheets for CanadaChina, and Japan.

Make Your Own Printable Worksheets
Real easy to use site for making crossword puzzles that is run by

Teachers Pay Teachers
If you'd like to spend a little money, or maybe even make some money, this website gives teachers a place where they can easily buy and sell their best worksheets.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try experimenting with one of these sites by making a simple puzzle sometime today.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To find more online puzzle generators try searching the internet for:
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