Online access to government policies

It's happening more and more these days.  Organizations, and government entities like school districts, municipal governments, and universities are all doing it.  They're all using the internet as the ultimate public bulletin board.  We might not be that far from the day when "giving public notice" just means posting something on the internet.
Here's an example of what's being posted by our various governments:
This is a pretty wide ranging list isn't it?  Today's technology tip is a general reminder that this type of information is available online.  You should spend some time getting familiar with what's available online in your own community and place of work.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out the online resources available from your local government, public school or other government entity sometime today.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you're looking for more information that's available online try searching for:
Government records
Policies, codes, statutes, state laws...