How to know if recipients open your mails

Did you ever wonder if anyone actually opened your email?  Here’s a way to confirm that your email was delivered and to be informed of when an email was opened by the recipient.  This is only going to work in the full version of Microsoft Outlook but other email systems might have similar options. 
  1.  Start a new email by clicking on “New.”  Fill in the “TO:” line and type up your email.
  2. Before you send your email go to “Options” and check the box for“Request delivery receipt…” to get an email, confirming that the email was sent.  Check “Request a read receipt…” to be informed when the recipient opens the email.  Once you have done this click “Close.”
Outlook Message Options
Try sending yourself an email today with these options set on it.  Its a quick and easy way to check out how this works.  You will notice that when someone opens an email like this they get a message about sending a read receipt to the sender.  You should be aware that the recipient will be aware that you are tracking when they open your email.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Test this on yourself first by sending an email to yourself with these options set.  Then try using these options in an email to someone else.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you're looking for more information about email options try searching the internet for:
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