How to online maps?

Have you heard of Google Maps? It's probably the best online mapping option out there and it's pretty easy to use. For example, below is a map of London, England on Google Maps.

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You can easily move about the map my dragging with your mouse and you can zoom and unzoom using the + and - on the top left. Click on "Sat" at the top right to see satellite photos of the city, click "Ter" to see a topographic map of the city and if you click "Earth" you will go into a 3D mode where you can zoom in and see a virtual version of the city.
When you are ready you can click here and go to the Google Maps websit and try exploring the whole planet:
Try finding your house and explore aerial photos of your neighborhood. See if you can get driving directions to someplace and don't forget to try accessing the Street Views. Below is a video that will explain how to use it.

Now you have no excuse for ever getting lost.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:   Try finding directions to your alma mater using check out the route they recommend.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about this technology and some new applications for it try searching the internet for:

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