How to make and adjust a table in MS Word

Sometimes you just need to add a table to a Word document.  Here's how to add one:
1)  Go to "Table" on the menu bar and select "Insert" and then "Table"
table example 1
Note:  There are always multiple ways to do things in Word.  You could also make a table by clicking this button:  table example 2
2)  Select how many Rows and Columns you want (rows go across and columns go up and down).  Then click "OK"
3)  Your Table will appear on your word document wherever your curser was last showing:
table example 3 
Other things you can do with a table:
Merge Cells Together
    Highlight the cells you want to merge and then right click on the selected area and choose "Merge Cells" from the menu that appears:
table example 5
Change the Line Color:
    Highlight the entire table (all the cells) and then go to the "Table" Menu and select "Table Properties"
    Choose "Borders and Shading" and make changes there:
table example 4
Add More Rows:
    Click in the bottom right hand cell on the table (the last cell).  Press the "Tab" button on the keyboard and a new row will appear.  You can also add rows by going to the "Table" menu and select "Insert" and then "Rows Above" or "Rows Below"

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try making a table like this one in Word:
practice with tables
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