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You've heard the old saying that a picture says a thousand words.  How many words can a picture from a current news story tell you?  Originally the internet was text driven but with higher speed connections and new technologies it is becoming more and more image driven.  For today's technology tip consider the power with which the following websites share information about current events using images:

 Associated Press also knows the value of a picture and anyone can browse their collection of news images here: APimages.comFor decades the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has stood for honest news reporting. You'll find their multi-lingual website to be full of useful information.  They also have a section dedicated to what they call: "The Day in Pictures" where they collect powerful images from around the world.  You can check out their News in Pictures website here.

Reuters also has a website where you can view the news in pictures here.
Many other online news sites also offer current events in pictures: The Telegraph in the U.K.,NBC News in the U.S.Al Jazeera - In PicturesTime Magazine - Pictures of the Week.

If you are really enjoying seeing the world through these kinds of images you might want to go for a whole list of additional resounces.
Having a little text withdrawl?  This is a website from Japan that takes the top news stories from Google News and turns them into a color coded mosaic:
Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out some of the links above and consider how the availability of so many images is changing how our children interpret the world. 

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