How To Add Recent Comments Widget to Blogger

The Recent Comments Widget for Blogger displays the recent blog comments on your blog's sidebar, showing a snippet of the last comments along with the title of the post to which the comment was made and the list will be gathered in descending order (newest at the top).

This gadget is coded in Javascript and styled with CSS but I didn't add too much style to it, so that it could fit the colour scheme of your blogger template.

Parameters which can be configured:
Number of comments: total number of comments to display 
Date on which the comment has been published: either display or hide it 
Posts on which a comment has been made: you can either hide the post titles or show them 
Number of words per comment excerpt: The first "n'' words of the comment will be listed
To add the Recent Comment Widget to your Blogger blog is very easy.  Just follow the next steps below:

Step 1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard, select your blog - go to Layout and click the Add a Gadget link

Step 2. From the pop-up window, scroll down and choose the HTML/JavaScript option:

Step 3. Copy and paste the below code in the HTML/JavaScript box:
 <script style=text/javascript src=" comments widget.js"></script><script style=text/javascript >var a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;</script><script src= ></script><span id=rcw-cr><a href=>Recent Comments Widget</a></span><style type=text/css> .rcw-comments a {text-transform: capitalize;} .rcw-comments {border-bottom: 1px dotted; padding-top: 7px!important; padding-bottom: 7px!important;} #rcw-cr {font-family: Arial,Tahoma;font-size:9px;padding-top:7px;display:block;} </style>

Step 4. Obviously, you need to replace with your blog address.

Other settings:
  • To change the number of comments that are being displayed, replace the "5" value from a_rc=5
  • If you want to add the date on which the comment has been made, then change the "false" statement fromm_rc=false to "true"
  • If you want to hide the post titles, then change the "true" statement from n_rc=true to "false"
Step 5. Click Save and you're done.