Adding favourites and bookmarks

The internet is big, really, really big.  Huge barely describes it and it keeps growing every day.  So when you’re on the internet, and you finally find something useful that you might want to come back to, how do you mark the spot?  Well here’s how to get a Favorites List going in MS Internet Explorer:

How to put a website on your Favorites List:
1)      Go to the webpage that you want to put on your favorites list.  In this example I’m going to use this website: 
2)      Click the Favorites button on the toolbar:

3)       Click the “Add” button, change the name of the website if you need to and then click “OK” (see below).
Here's more information about adding favorites in the newest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
In the free web browser called Firefox they're called "bookmarks" and here's more information about creating and organizing them.
In the free web browser from Google called Chrome they're also called "bookmarks" and here are the directions for creating and finding them.
If you have an Apple computer you are probably using Safari as your web browser and here are the directions for making a "bookmark" in that program.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:    Try adding the 180TechTips website to your favorites or bookmarks list.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about setting your favorites in Internet Explorer try searching the internet for:

Internet Explorer tutorials
Internet Explorer favorites
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