Utthan Pad Kati Chakrasan

Uttan Pad Kati Chakrasana (rotating legs like a wheel)   
  1. From supine pose raise the leg vertically up and acquire the pose of uttanpadasana (raised leg pose).
  2. Stretch both the hands to both sides in line with the shoulders. Place the inner palms downward then acquire the raised leg pose.
  3. Keeping the legs stretched in the knees, bring both legs (toes) on the left palm, rest the legs on the ground.
  4. Rotate the legs along the floor from the front side and bring them on the right palm. Rest the legs on the ground.
  5. Raise both the legs from the right side and bring them vertically up, raised leg pose.
  6. Bring the legs to the right hand again.
  7. Rotate in the reverse way along the floor and bring the legs to the left hand. Rest the toes on the left palm.
  8. Raise both legs up and acquire the raised legs pose.
  9. Release uttanpadasana, bring the legs to the ground.
In all these stages keep the legs straight.
Maintain the position for 15-60 seconds in stages 2-7.   

  1. This asana strengthens the abdominal muscles and inner organs.
  2. Efficiency of the stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, urinary and reproductive organs increases and sluggishness is reduced.
  3. Obesity is reduced.
  4. Removes sprains and catches in the hip region and lower back.
  5. Strengthens intestines.
Those who have weak abdominal muscles, swellings or surgery in the abdominal organs should not practice as well as heart problems, high blood pressure and hernia.