How to Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail

grey How to Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail
The new Yahoo Mail is not really liked by all the people who were used to the old one. This post shows you how to switch back to Yahoo Classic Mail.
If you didn’t like the newest version of Yahoo Mail, you can always switch back to the old classic version. But the sad part is, you will not find any option to go back to the older version of Yahoo Mail. Does that mean you are stuck? Well, there is always an option. All the new websites are stopping the support for older browsers, and this new version of Yahoo is no exception. It is not made for old version of Internet Explorer, the IE6. If you can run IE6 on your machine, you can very well get the older version.
But it sounds little tough to do all the things just for getting back to the older version of Yahoo. Here is a small tip you can follow to get back to the older version on Yahoo Mail by using latest version Firefox browser. Just install a small plugin called User Agent Switcher, what does it do? Well, every browser sends some information to the website so that the user can get a personalized experience. The work of User Agent Switcher is that you can make the websites recognize your browser as whatever version you choose from the options.
grey How to Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail
Just install it and select IE6 Open Yahoo Mail and you get the message that your browser is not supported and prompts you to upgrade your browser to newer versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. But this is not what I want because I am already on Firefox 5.
grey How to Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail
Use the link to go back to the older version and you get back to the old classic Yahoo Mail.
grey How to Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail
Now, the thing is, you don’t always have to switch to IE6 for browsing the Classic Yahoo Mail, even if you switch back to Firefox version, you still get the IE6 as your preferences have been saved on the website and the new version is just a click away.

For Internet Explorer Users

Few people has asked what if they don’t use Firefox and want to get this thing fixed by using IE (Internet Explorer). There is a way suggested by one of our readers in the comment section. I am just adding it here. Go to the screen resolution and select the lowest resolution ( 800×600) then go to the Yahoomail page and refresh it. You will get this page from where you can go back to the older version.  Once you are in the older version, you can always go back and revert back your Screen resolution to the normal size. 
If the above solution doesn’t work, please go through the awesome discussion below where our readers are offering their solutions.
1. First find the icon of the gear wheel in the upper right corner of the Yahoo Mail inbox page.
2. Then place your cursor on the gear wheel and keep it there for a second or two.
3. A menu will immediately appear under the gear wheel.
4. Click on the second item in the menu, entitled “Settings.”
5. A large box will appear, also entitled “Settings.”
6. In the left-side column of the large “Settings” box, click on “Viewing email.”
7. A new set of choices now appears in the large “Settings” box.
8. In the very first item in the new set of choices, find the phrase “When viewing message lists”.
9. Uncheck the very small check-box that appears in between the phrase
“When viewing message lists” and the phrase “Enable conversations.”

10.Before doing anything else, immediately click on the “Save”
rectangular button in the lower left corner of the large “settings” box.

11. Doing the above gets rid of the majorly annoying new feature whereby same-subject e-mails (sent, forwarded, replies) are all grouped together in a very confusing way.
If this still doesn’t work, please go through the comments or post your own solution to help others.