How to Make Your Android Phone Faster

Smartphones are great, they are Handheld Computers and aim to make our lives easy, but like all the other computers, and they tend to slow down with time.
Even if buy the best smartphone in the market, you will find it respond slow after using is for a longer time, this is the problem faced by almost every Android user.
One of the things is to flash it, restore factory settings, restart is once a week or use only few important apps.

Here is what else can be done to make your android run fast.

I am using an Android phone from Samsung (Galaxy Note), but you can do this with every Android phone.
These companies put a bundled apps in the phone which cannot be removed even if you don’t find them useful, they are going to be there and take some space on your phone, run in the background and eat up resources in your phone.
You can disable them to prevent them from running in the background. These apps will still take up space on your phone but won’t take RAM resources which is the main cause of slowing down of a phone.
You can go to settings- applications manager- all apps. And find the apps that you don’t use.
grey How to Make Your Android Phone Faster
Uninstall them if you are able to do, else Disable them, clear cache etc.
Do this with all the apps you don’t use.
You will find that your Android now responds pretty well.