Using Print Preview

Carpenters say that you should measure twice and cut once to avoid mistakes.  We who use computers to create documents could use this idea to save some paper by always doing a print preview before we print anything.  Here's how to do it:
After you are done creating your masterpiece in Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, or most other programs you can go to the file menu and look for "Print Preview"
Print Preview in XP
In the print preview mode you can see how your product will look when printed.  You can also view multiple pages, zoom in and out and in some programs (such as MS Publisher) you can adjust the margins manually.  When you are done with the Print Preview mode you can exit it by clicking on "Close" on the toolbar.
close print preview XP

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Use print preview the next time you have a document or project to print.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about print preview try searching the internet for:

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