Online Video Tutorials

You don't have to teach for too long before you realize that television represents some pretty tough competition.  As a matter of fact, you probably even have a few favorite TV shows of your own.  Today's technology tip is about helping you to be the best "life long learner" you can be though educational TV viewing.  Sure it's a little passive but who can resist watching some people install a retaining wall and replace a leaky faucet on a Saturday afternoon instead of mowing the lawn.  Who knows, you might even learn something. 
There is two ways you can use online videos to learn something new. You could go to a specific website that you like and search it for something you'd like to learn or you could just go to a popular video website like YouTubeand search there for what you want to learn about.

If you go to a website of a favorite TV network you will probably find plenty of information that might be of interest to you. For example, below are some websites that you might want to check out.

Local PBS Stations Schedule:
The DIY Network:
The Food Network:
Discovery Health:
The History Channel:
The Science Channel:
The Learning Channel:
Fitness TV:
And of course, Discovery Kids:

If you have something very specific that you want to learn then the best option is to go to an online video website such as and search there.
For example, check out some of these searches:

How to tie your shoe . . . Installing a garbage disposal

Conjugating the Spanish verb ser . . . Inserting a chest tube

How to lift weights properly . . . Flower arrangement tutorials

Making falafel . . . Changing a baby boy's diaper

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try checking out a couple of the links above just to see what kinds of things these sites have to offer. 

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To find out some more about educational TV try searching the internet for:
Educational TV