Online Calculators

The internet has been interactive for a while now.  Just watch a kid play an online game and you'll see just how interactive it has become.  Today's technology tip is a list of websites that have online calculators on them.  Calculators like these could become a part of your next lesson plan, or even help you personally.  

Check some of them out today:
   Some online educational programs for the elementary grades
   A list of calculators for middle school students
   A list of easy to use financial calculators
   Every try explaining a mortgage to someone?  This website can
   really help.
   Here's a calculator that will tell you how many calories you burn
   in an ordinary day.
   This website has a unit converter for just about everything.
   OK, maybe it's an obvious one, but they have calculators on
   their website.
   Great website with a whole list of online calculators   

   National Center for Educational Statistics
   Yep, they have a free online graphing website for kids
   Here's an online graphing calculator

This is truly just the tip of the iceberg as far as dynamic online calculators go.  There are many more out there.  Many of them use what's called JAVA code to do the calculations and create the dynamic aspects of the calculators.  Knowing that they use JAVA code can help you search for the exact calculator that you might need.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try using a few of the online calculators listed above.  See if you can find just one that you could use personally.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To find more calculators on the internet try searching for:
Java Calculators
Online trigonometry calculators in Java
Online dynamic calculators