Manipulating pictures in MS Word

Did you know that you can make adjustments to pictures right in Microsoft Word?  That's right, you can make simple changes to pictures right in Word, no special picture software is required.  All you need is the Picture Toolbar:
Picture options in word
It should appear automatically whenever you click on a picture but if it doesn't you can bring it up by going to the "View" menu and then selecting "Toolbars" and then selecting "Picture" from the list.

Here is an illustration of what each toolbar button does:
picture toolbar in word
more of the picture toolbar in word
Here are some samples of the effects you can get using the picture toolbar:
Original Picture: 
Sample pictures 1
Sample pictures 2

Sample PicturePRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Copy and paste this picture into a blank Word Document multiple times.  See if you can use the buttons on the picture toolbar to duplicate some of the effects that are displayed above.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To learn more about manipulating pictures try searching the internet for:

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