How to undo and edit in MS Word

Have you ever made a mistake?  I mean a mistake on the computer.  You know, pasted the wrong picture into a Word document or messed up a table or a text box.  The programmers of the Microsoft software (Word, Outlook, Excel, Publisher, etc.) knew we would make mistakes so they programmed in a couple of ways to “undo” them.  Here are a few ways to undo your next mistake:

OPTION #1:  On the menu bar select “Edit” and then “Undo.”  This willundo3eliminate the last action you took in the program.  For example, if you just typed the wrong word “Edit” & “Undo” will make the word go away.

OPTION #2:  On the tool bar you can use this button to undo something you just did:  undo1  
If you decide that you want the mistake back you can use this button to bring it back:  undo2

OPTION #3:  There's also a keyboard shortcut to undo something you just did.  Try using CTRL + Z to undo and CTRL + Y to bring something back that you undid.
If you just made lots of mistakes and want to go back and eliminate a lot of them try clicking the triangle next to the undo button to see a list of the most recent actions you have taken.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Try undoing something in a Microsoft program today.
TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you're feeling the need to learn more about undoing actions in Microsoft programs try searching the internet for:

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