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Did you commute to work in a car today?  Have you been startled by the price of fuel this week?  Did you know you can use the internet to help you save a few bucks at the pump?
gas mapHere's a sample map of gas prices, all across the United States (Map of Canada).  Dark green denotes the lowest prices and red denotes the highest prices for a gallon of gas.  This map is developed by collecting information from volunteer "spotters" all across the country. These spotters post the prices they've seen in their neighborhood gas stations here:

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Check out the prices in your local area sometime today.  Planning a road trip this summer?  Plan for the fuel prices along the way. Try these links for even more information about the price of fuel in the United States and around the world:
Interactive Petrol Price Map from for the U.K. and much of Europe:

Search for Petrol Prices in other areas
Of course if you you prefer the convenience of searching for fuel prices on your phone or tablet computer you might be interested in finding The Best Gas Station Finder Apps or this list of Gas Price Finder Apps.

Wishing you happy, reasonably priced 
All this talk of fuel prices may have inspired you to plan a trip. Maybe you recently readNational Geographic Magazine's Top 10 Drivers' Drives and you have been thinking about your next road trip ever since. Or maybe you just want to figure out whether it will be cheaper to drive or fly to a is a great and easy to use resource to help you figure out the fuel costs on your next trip. Try it today by using the form to the right.

and safe travels!

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out some of the websites listed above sometime today.  Consider what other kinds of real time data could be collected and accessed using the internet like this. 

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