Computers for the visually impaired

Have you ever wondered how a blind person might use a computer or surf the internet?  Just so you know there is software out there that assists visually impaired computer users.  For those with some vision the screen can be magnified and contrast can be added. For the totally blind there is software that actually reads whatever is on the screen.  Here is a link to more information about once such program called JAWS (Job Access With Speech)  fromFreedom Scientific.

Teachers are expected to have lots of ways to accommodate different learning styles.  You should be aware that in addition to screen reading software like JAWS there is a host of accessibility options available through Microsoft.  Here is a link to more information about accessibility features in Windows. There’s more information about Assistive technology products from Microsoft.

There's also a worldwide effort underway to make the content of the internet more accessible.  If you're designing a website you might want to consider these ideas for Designing More Usable Web Sites.
For some serious insight into how those with a visual impairment can access the internet watch the videos below.

Featured YouTube Video
Low Vision Blind Internet Explorer Web Browser

Basic Overview of the JAWS screen reader

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out a link to some of the accessibility features today.  You never know when you might need some of this stuff.

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