Changing the view settings in MS Word

Did you know that you can easily change the view of any document in Microsoft Word?  Here's how:
Go to "View" on the menu bar and then select one of the different views:
print layout in word
Below is a thumbnail image of what each view looks like:
Normal View:
print layout
Originally, this was the only view available in the first versions of Word.
Print Layout:
normal view
This view shows you exactly the final printout will look like.
Web Layout:
web layout
This view shows you what your document would look like as a webpage.
Reading Layout:
reading layout
This view is automatically magnified and is the easiest one to read.
outline layout
Some documents look better as outlines

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Open up a favorite Word document and try changing it to all the possible views. Make sure you know how to change it back to your favorite view.

TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To  find out more try searching the internet for:
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