Calculating in Excel

Now for a tip about using Microsoft Excel.  As mentioned in Technology Tip #25, Excel is a spreadsheet program that you can use to create simple databases and to calculate formulas.  The software has obvious applications for accountants but what could teachers use it for? 
In this Technology Tip we’re going to try doing a simple calculation in Excel.
1)      Open up Excel by clicking on the desktop icon or finding it on theexcel calculator 1START menu.  I'm afraid today's tip will be meaningless for you if you don't have access to this program.  To the right is a sample of the icon that you're looking for.
2)      Type the following information just as it appears below.  Make sure that the data is in separate cells on the spreadsheet.  For example “Apples” should be typed into cell A2 and the number “4” should be typed into cell B2
excel calculator 2
3)      Now for our first formula.  Select cell B5 by clicking in it.  A dark black rectangle will appear on it (just like the one on B5 above).
4)      In the formula bar type the following:  =sum(B2+B3+B4) 
excel calculator 3 
5) When you hit the Enter key the answer to the formula should appear in cell B5 “18”   
6) The cool part about the formulas in excel is that they are dynamic, meaning they change instantly.  For example, change the number of bananas to 4 and the total should automatically change from 18 to 20.
For more information about writing formulas in excel try this website:
Featured YouTube Video Introduction to Excel

PRACTICE ACTIVITY:   Try the above activity.  After you have that down try changing the formula to subtract the numbers (using – for minus), multiply the numbers (using * for times) and divide two of the numbers (using / for division).
TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  If you'd like to learn more about creating formulas in Excel try searching the internet for:
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