Best Free Online Programming

Best Free Online Compiler and Debugger
  • Ideone, a handy compiler and debugging tool in more than 40 programming languages—choose one of them, paste your source code, share it, or run it and see the results. 
Best Free Online Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • CodeRun Studio, create projects in multiple languages including C#/.NET, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS—Just upload or type your code into the editor, build and run it to get the output straight away, then download the finished program when it works. 
Best Free Online Source Code Formatter
  • Pretty Printer, a quick tool to format your source code. You can add new lines or remove empty lines, reduce white spaces, add comment lines before a function, etc. It supports PHP, Java, C++, C, Perl, JavaScript and CSS. 
Best Free Online HTML Editor
  • Online HTML Editor, simple and easy to use, just edit html codes in an expandable box provided and see the live results in another. One-click opening and closing tags are included. 
Best Free Online HTML Tools
  • WordOff, a useful web tool to remove unnecessary tags and styles from HTML code as a result of pasting into WYSIWYG editors from Word. For example, <span>, <div> and empty elements are removed. 
  • Text Fixer offers a raft of tools including Convert Word to HTMLText to HTMLhelpful for editing web pages. Remove Line Breaks also comes in handy if you want to copy and paste text from a web site, email or anywhere without unwanted line breaks. 
Best Free Online Code Editor
  • Codeanywhere, a real-time code editor with syntax highlighting, indentation, code folding, unlimited redo and undo on client side, completes with an integrated ftp client, and all popular web formats including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and XML are supported. 
Best Free Online Pastebin
  • Pastebin, a paste tool established since 2002 for you to upload snippets of text and code with syntax highlighting for easy sharing. You can set the post for private or public access within a certain period of time you defined, with more options available. 
Best Free Online Color Picker
  • ColorExplorer gives you color codes in RGB, HSV and Hex instantly when you choose a color from the vertical slider or color square. Choosing colors from Libraries and saving your picked colors to your Palettes are available. 
  • Color (in) HTML, easy to use, just drag markers to pick a color, click the Generate CSS button, and Hex and CSS codes are ready for you to copy to the clipboard. You can also lock a color while picking another to compare and build a theme.