Asana name: Half Lotus Forward Bend Pose

Sanskrit name: Ardha Padma Bandhasan

Meaning: Half Lotus Forward Bend

General Benefits:
Abdominal organs are contracted and digestive powers increased. Good for removing constipation. Can help with stiffness in the knees. Improves intestinal peristalsis. Prepare legs and hips for meditative poses. Legs strengthened.

Benefits for Women:
Menstrual disorders

Therapeutic Applications:
Disorders of the urea-genital system, menstrual disorders, Sluggish liver, Diabetes, Colitis, Kidney complaints, Bronchitis, Eosinophilia and Constipation.

Taking the Position:
In sitting position bend the left leg and place the left foot on the right thigh in half-lotus pose. Encircle the left arm around the waist and hold the left toe. Hold the right toe with the right hand and inhale. While exhaling bend forward with the back straight trying to touch the forehead to the knee or shin. Maintain the asana, breathe normally.

Releasing the Positions:
Exhale and while inhaling, lift the head and raise the body from the hips. Release both hands. Release the left foot, straighten the leg and place the hands by your sides, returning to sitting position. Practice on the opposite side.

Anatomical Focus:
Abdomen, entire back, chest

Anatomical Awareness:
Focus on abdomen and forehead.

Bend from the hips and keep the back straight when bending forward. Keep the knee of the folded leg as close to the ground as possible.

Bend the knee of the extended leg.

Precautions & Contraindications:
Sciatica, slipped disc, hernia, weak legs, high BP.

Variations & Tips:

Preparatory Poses:

Follow-up Poses: